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For you and your business

Making the most of tax opportunities specific to your industry

Complying with the tax legislation, reporting obligations and discussions with tax authorities is and administrative and time consuming burden for any business. Corporation tax represents a substantial part of trading cost so we aim to minimise your corporate tax exposure.

Taking full advantage of tax opportunities and reliefs

The recent Small Business Jobs and Credit Acts gives $12 billion in tax relief to business lucky enough to be buying equipment or making improvements, but owners have to act quickly.

Efficient corporate tax planning can result in potentially significant improvement in your bottom line.

Corporation tax represents a substantial part of your trading costs. moreover, the increased reporting obligations, robust investigation police on the part of the tax authorities, and harsher penalties for non-compliance mean that an undue amount of your time and resources can be taken.


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Art Director at Appcreator

"Software innovation, like almost every other kind of innovation, requires the ability to collaborate and share ideas with other people, and to sit down and talk with customers and get their feedback and understand their needs."


Client name

Art Director at Appcreator

"Software innovation, like almost every other kind of innovation, requires the ability to collaborate and share ideas with other people, and to sit down and talk with customers and get their feedback and understand their needs."


You can list all your awesome services

Accounting Provider

BVA acts as your accounting provider* to give you customized, personalized and integrated solutions for your business and individual financial needs. At BVA, the most important thing we can do today is sit down and talk. Talk about your past experiences, the current market, trends in your industry, your present and future goals, what is working well for you and what is not, your goals for this year and the future. Your BVA professional will expand upon that discussion and help you identify your options, weigh your choices, and put your decisions and planning into action.

Business Tax Services Provider

As business accounting, tax and financial consultant services providers, we know that talking and strategically planning with you is the best way to advise and serve you. Working with you as your key resource and advocate, we can help you respond to changing economic environments and adapt your plans and strategies to meet your changing needs and goals - from month to month and year to year. That’s why we say the most important thing we can do today is sit down and talk. Talk today and regularly throughout our partnership.

Information Center

Accounting & Tax

Quality opinions for critical decisions

When investors, banks and sureties make decisions, you want to be sure they have the most reliable, accurate information about your company or organization. At Mayer Hoffman McCann P.C.*, we provide thorough reports that increase your company’s transparency and accountability to shareholders.

Our full spectrum of audit and assurance services meets the industry’s highest technical and ethical standards while ensuring compliance with financial reporting regulations. From employee benefit plan audits to financial statement reviews, our services testify to your organization’s internal functions and efficiencies. The services we offer come with the additional commitment of personalized, responsive communication that helps us understand and address your areas of risk and concern.

Through our nationally recognized service, it is our goal to present a quality opinion of your organization that assists in the critical decisions you face.


  • Attest & Other Services: A number of services provide assurance without an audit. Our attest services review your financial position and can project how that position might change in the future.
  • Audits: Our audits and internal control reporting meet accepted auditing standards and ensure compliance with the latest regulations.

Steadfast in our commitment to service

Audit practices make up a critical component of accounting firms large and small. In selecting one, you must carefully consider the level of service and expertise you receive from your auditor. Mayer Hoffman McCann P.C. (MHM)* provides a comprehensive array of audit services that meets that industry’s highest technical and ethical standards.

MHM professionals use nationally implemented audit methodology to identify and address your unique areas of risk and present a reliable picture of your financial operations. We take a personalized approach to communication with our clients. Additionally, MHM shareholders have an active role in every engagement to ensure your audits are handled with the highest level of integrity, efficiency and professionalism.

Client satisfaction is important to us. MHM supplements audit engagements with recommendations for improving internal controls and operating efficiencies because they believe in delivering services of maximum utility to your organization. Experience the value and the commitment to client service that has made MHM one of the nation’s leading accounting providers.


  • Employee Benefit Plan Audits: We audit more than 1,000 plans annually and supplement our findings with recommendations for operational and administrative improvements.
  • Financial Statement Audits: Our professionals provide a detailed report that testifies to the accuracy of your financial statement. 
  • HUD Audits: The audit program we developed helps efficiently and effectively review clients who receive federal awards for housing counseling services.
  • OMB Circular A-133 Services: Our experience working with counties, cities, school districts and other groups guides our approach to auditing clients who receive federal awards. Our goal is to help you achieve a high level of fiduciary responsibility.   
  • Service Organization Control Reports (formerly SAS-70): We provide service organizations with an understanding of their internal controls to help them better manage their risks.
  • Yellow Book Audits: The yellow book audit team at MHM holds your state and local government or federal program to the federal standards for government agencies.

Learn more about MHM can help your organization.

Trusted opinions and expertise

With an opinion of your financial information, you can provide accountability and transparency for your clients, shareholders and investors. Mayer Hoffman McCann P.C.* (MHM) offers a full suite of attest services that meets the industry’s highest technical and ethical standards. MHM professionals deliver reliable, prompt services that supply additional information about your financial position for the decisions you face.

In addition to audits, they offer a range of cost-effective attest services including financial statement reviews, forecasts and projections. Opinions are backed by the commitment to competence, integrity, respect and value that has helped MHM become a nationally recognized CPA firm.


  • Agreed-Upon Procedures: If your attest needs do not fall into one of our other service offerings, we can customize a solution package that addresses your specific areas of concern.
  • Compilations: We assist in the collection and presentation of your financial information on an interim, monthly, quarterly or annual basis. Compilations do not include reviews or opinions of your financial statements.
  • Forecasts: MHM prepares prospective financial statements that represent your expected financial position, results of operations and cash flows.
  • Litigation Support: In the event of a financial legal issue, we provide assistance to attorneys on accounting, auditing and financial matters.
  • Projections: We take hypothetical assumptions and predict their impact on your financial position, operations and cash flow. As part of our service, we furnish prospective financial statements.
  • Reviews: We examine your financial statement and offer a limited opinion of its accuracy. The service, because it uses inquiries and analytical reviews on a smaller scale, offers an economical alternative to an audit.

Learn more about how MHM can help with your attest needs.

Guidance for the complex tax environment

Successfully navigating today's tax landscape takes experience and understanding. As a national accounting and tax provider, we have a depth of expertise to help you maximize your available tax planning opportunities. CBIZ professionals work closely with you to understand your unique needs and challenges in order to bring you the appropriate solutions. From entity structuring to international tax minimization, we provide a full spectrum of tax solutions to help you minimize your tax burden while staying in compliance with reporting regulations.

Up-to-Date Information

Tax laws and regulations are subject to change, prompting the need to stay abreast of the latest developments and their impact on your affairs. We keep you posted on proposed and newly passed through our proactive client service model. To bring clarity to those issues, CBIZ regularly produces insights, including: tax alerts, newsletters, special reports and webinars.

We then incorporate changes into action, ensuring your tax planning strategy reflects and responds to new developments.

With locations in most major cities, we stand at the ready to pass along the best practices we have learned from our years of experience working with businesses, not-for-profit organizations and individuals. Discover the many ways we can assist you.


  • Controversy: We represent your interests before the IRS or other regulatory bodies.
  • Federal Taxation: We pinpoint the regulations and federal tax incentives that impact your company's bottom line.
  • International Taxation: Multicountry transactions produce an array of tax challenges, which can be mitigated through our full line of solutions.
  • Private Client Services: A well-designed tax strategy helps protect your financial future.
  • State & Local Taxation: The state and local tax services we offer help keep you in compliance with financial regulations.

Expertise for tax compliance controversies

When you receive a notice from a regulatory agency about your tax filings, you have limited time to comply with the request. The volume of data you could be asked to produce might seem overwhelming, Depending on the severity of the matter, you could also be facing appeals, litigation and federal court proceedings.

CBIZ tax controversy specialists help you mitigate and prevent tax compliance issues. We assist clients with late or incorrect tax filings, audit notices and/or other regulatory concerns they may encounter.

Our professionals dive into the facts and circumstances surrounding your situation and bring appropriate solutions to address those issues. From gathering paperwork to exploring alternate resolutions to avoid litigation, we can assist you throughout the controversy process. We are experienced representing individuals and businesses before the IRS and other regulatory bodies. CBIZ leverages that expertise to bring your tax matter to a timely and optimal resolution.

Clients also benefit from our depth of expertise working with accounting and tax regulations. We often supplement our services with recommendations for ways to mitigate future compliance risks.

Robust strategies designed for your benefit

From energy incentives to work opportunity tax credits, federal tax offerings provide opportunities for businesses of all types and sizes. Federal tax credits and incentives allow you to accelerate certain deductions and offset the cost of hiring new employees, among a multitude of other benefits. Taking advantage of these incentives can be difficult, as their regulations and qualifications are subject to change.

At CBIZ, we keep you up-to-date and compliant with the federal tax incentives that help you control your costs. CBIZ federal tax specialists work closely with you to identify and implement strategies that bring you the maximum tax benefit. We leverage our years of experience to deliver tailored solutions that consider the full spectrum of federal tax credits and opportunities available.

The value of our services is equaled only by our commitment to attentive client service. Discover how our team can help your company optimize its tax position and achieve its goals and objectives.


  • Accounting for Income Taxes ASC 740 Outsourcing or Co-Sourcing: Our services assist both publicly and privately held companies with ASC 740 financial reporting regulations.
  • Accounting Methods Review: A review of your accounting methods can help identify alternative methods to minimize your income tax burden.
  • Cost Segregation Studies: Through cost segregation, you can significantly accelerate depreciation deductions into earlier years of a real estate project.
  • Energy Incentives: New construction and existing buildings may qualify for tax deductions under the Section 179D Energy Efficient Building Deductions.
  • Federal Work Opportunity Tax Credit: We help identify opportunities for tax credits you can receive for hiring people from certain target demographics.
  • Research & Development Tax Credits: Eligible candidates for R&D tax credits may not only generate tax reductions for the current tax year but may also qualify for cash refunds from previous tax years.
  • Revenue Recognition: If you have advance payments or deferred revenue in the liability section of your balance sheet, you may be eligible to defer your cash received.
  • Section 199- Domestic Production Activity Deduction: We have developed a cost-effective process to assist qualifying taxpayers in maximizing the benefit of the “Manufacturer’s Deduction.
  • Section 382: Use of Net Operating Losses: If you qualify for the Section 382 limitation, we can help ensure you claim the correct amount of net operating losses on your tax return.
  • Tangible Property Regulations: We help you stay compliant with the updated regulations on the capitalization and deduction of costs incurred to acquire, maintain, repair and/or replace tangible property.

Tax minimization with an international scope

As your business tackles an increasingly global marketplace, you need an advisor you can count on to help you navigate the complex world of international taxation.

CBIZ has the expertise to help minimize your worldwide effective tax rate and stay in compliance with domestic and international tax laws. Together with Kreston International*, a network of accounting and advisory firms that spans more than 70 countries worldwide, we work to protect you against double taxation. The services we provide help you address your current circumstances and plan ahead for the cross-border challenges your business may encounter in the future.

Our tax planning and consulting specialists address a range of issues from expatriation concerns to captive insurance and transfer pricing. Our goal - to help you optimize your cross-border transactions, limit your risk and ensure favorable tax treatment. Explore how the CBIZ international tax specialists can assist you in achieving your goals and objectives.


  • Cross-Border M&A: During a cross-border merger or acquisition, we identify tax-efficient jurisdictions and other measures that may create U.S. tax deferrals on foreign revenues.
  • Customs Duty & Indirect Taxes: CBIZ works with you to create planning strategies that reduce, defer or potentially eliminate tariffs and other tax costs associated with cross-border activities.
  • Expatriation Planning: We assist in issues involved in moving your employees to or from another country including first-year tax elections and ensuring appropriate timing for income recognition.
  • IC-DISC Planning: CBIZ helps you determine if your company qualifies as an exporter. If so, you could benefit from an Interest-Charge Domestic International Sales Corporation (IC-DISC) incentive.
  • International Tax Minimization: Our professionals identify tax minimization opportunities and formulate strategies that keep you in compliance with U.S. and foreign regulations.
  • Transfer Pricing: A well-defined transfer pricing strategy ensures the prices of your goods and services are considered fair.
  • Withholding Tax Minimization: We work with you to reduce the burden of the withholding taxes that cannot be credited against your U.S. income tax liability.

Personal goals made accessible

When you reach a certain point in your life, you want to enjoy the benefits of your family, wealth and lifestyle.  Managing your finances, estate and retirement plans can infringe upon your personal time. As a result, many high net-worth individuals, including entrepreneurs, celebrities, executives and those whose wealth is inherited, have turned to professionals for assistance.

CBIZ private client services support high net-worth individuals with their diverse financial and administrative activities. Our specialists believe your estate should be handled with the highest level of integrity and expertise. We take an attentive, personalized approach to all of our private client services engagements. The service we provide comes backed with more than 40 years of experience providing tax, accounting and outsourced business solutions to individuals and companies across the nation. Best practices from our time in the field are passed along to our clients to help them protect and grow the value of their estate.

From sophisticated compliance and risk management to routine bill paying, CBIZ’s private client services can function as a “one-stop-shop.” We design financial plans to fulfill current needs, anticipate future changes and achieve your goals.


  • Estate Planning: Our tax experts help you minimize the state and federal taxes that threaten to erode your family wealth.
  • Family Business Services: The consulting services we provide help you address the complexities involved in operating a family-owned business.
  • Family Office Services: You receive partner-level involvement from our family office professionals, who assist with a range of solutions including income and gift tax planning, bill payment, stock-option consulting and retirement planning.
  • Marital Dissolution Services: CBIZ’s team analyzes your marital estate and helps negotiate a fair settlement during divorce proceedings. We assist your legal team in preparing court documents including financial affidavits.
  • Schedule K-1 Instructions: We help you prepare the necessary paperwork for filing your share of your partnership’s income, deduction and credits.
  • Transactional Planning: Our transactional planning services focus on your source and use of cash and other valuable assets to develop a strategy that maximizes your present cash flow opportunities.

Simplifying state & local tax complexity

The devil is in the details, and with state and local tax regulations, those details could mean increased tax liability for your business. A comprehensive state and local tax strategy helps minimize your company's compliance risk and its tax burden.

CBIZ's dedicated state and local tax (SALT) professionals provide you favorable, accurate and defendable tax solutions. Our clients benefit from our depth of expertise working with state and local jurisdictions. The experience we have negoitating for tax incentives and credits allows us to deliver incentive packages that take full advantage of the opportunities available to our clients.

Share with us your goals and objectives and receive a tax strategy that is tailored to meet your needs. From creating the appropriate entity structure, to tax preparation outsourcing, compliance resolution, transaction planning and tax credit identification, we offer a full range of services to assist you with the SALT challenges you face.


  • Income & Franchise Tax: We provide nexus evaluations and assist with voluntary disclosure agreements to reduce your income and franchise tax risk.
  • Personal Property & Tax Compliance and Consulting: Our tax professionals review your company’s locations and fixed assets to ensure they are reported correctly, We also provide outsourcing services that guarantee your property tax return is filed before the appropriate deadline.
  • Sales & Use Tax Refund Study: We work with you to find applicable exemptions and refunds for your sales and use taxes.
  • Sales Tax Compliance: The services we provide help minimize your state and local sales tax compliance risk.
  • State & Local Tax Controversy: CBIZ assists throughout the tax controversy process to ensure you minimize your tax exposure, reduce or eliminate any penalties and receive applicable refund claims.
  • State & Local Tax Minimization: A review of your state and local tax payments both ensures your compliance with tax regulations and pinpoints opportunities for further tax benefits, deferrals or reductions.
  • Tax Incentives & Training Grants: We identify the hiring and/or training incentives for which you may be eligible if you plan to hire new employees or implement new technology.

Helping you achieve an advantage

Capitalizing on opportunities and navigating the regulatory environment can be a challenge in today’s operating environment. At CBIZ, we strive to make it easier for you to focus on your core business functions. Our advisory services support your operations, safeguards your business and helps you stay in compliance. We draw on years of experience to provide guidance and best practices for your unique needs. From risk management to fraud prevention, we have experience working with the multitude of opportunities and challenges that may come your way. The personalized, attentive service we deliver helps you capitalize on your opportunities, secure your marketplace position and achieve your goals.


  • Business Transition & Succession Services: A well-defined business transition strategy simplifies the changeovers your business may encounter.
  • Corporate Recovery & Bankruptcy: Our specialists work with you to provide turnaround and restructuring advisory, bankruptcy support and transitional consulting.
  • Litigation & Dispute Resolution: Our team has a proven track record in litigation, arbitration and mediation matters.
  • Outsourcing: Tax, accounting or CFO outsourcing frees up your valuable resources to use on other areas of your business.
  • Risk Advisory: We provide the accurate and reliable risk assessments that your company and its shareholders require.
  • Technology Consulting: CBIZ works with some of the most trusted providers of accounting software to provide technology and service solutions.
  • Valuation Advisory: Our valuation advisory professionals help you understand the value of your assets and the opportunities available to you to enhance that value.

Meet your transition and succession goals

Change is inevitable in the life cycle of your business. Opportunities and challenges will arise. Management will leave or retire. New staff will be hired. When these changes occur, it is critical your company has a plan in place that allows for a seamless transition.

Our specialists ensure your company's operations continue to run smoothly before, during and after periods of change. CBIZ professionals have helped clients from family-run businesses to international corporations design and implement strategies that address all phases of the business life cycle. Whether you need to maximize the value of a buy/sell agreement or create a financial recovery plan, we can help.

Your business objectives guide our planning. Share with us your goals, and our professionals will leverage the best practices learned from our more than 40 years in the financial advisory business to help you achieve them. 


  • Business Continuity Management: Our team creates continuity and disaster recovery programs that define your critical assets and measure your risk.
  • Buy/Sell Agreements: We help craft an agreement that gives the departing owner a buyer for interest that might otherwise be unmarketable. To preserve continuity among the remaining owners, we also ensure the method of determining the price of the ownership interest restricts transferability of the ownership interest.
  • Corporate Recovery & Bankruptcy: Our specialists work with you to provide turnaround and restructuring advisory, bankruptcy support and transitional consulting.
  • Exit Strategies & Business Succession Planning: We help you develop a plan for transferring ownership that involves making the most of your investments in the company.
  • Like-Kind Exchanges: During an Internal Code Section 1031 like-kind exchange, we provide consulting and serve as a qualified intermediary. CBIZ has successfully completed tax deferral engagements on sales ranging from single pieces of equipment to multimillion-dollar auctions of multiple pieces of equipment.
  • Transaction Advisory Services: We examine the risks and benefits of proposed transactions to assist clients with their complex decision-making.

Sound financial advice to get your company back on its feet

If your company experiences a financial crisis, you may need a helping hand to get back on solid ground. As a national provider of financial services, we have the accounting, litigation and valuation expertise you can rely on to help you optimize your situation. CBIZ corporate recovery and bankruptcy specialists provide the full gamut of recovery solutions, from assisting you through bankruptcy proceedings to forensic accounting and litigation support.

We evaluate of the viability of the company, its operations, its management, its projections, its adequacy of collateral protection, the company’s ability to service debt and its liquidation value to determine your optimal recovery solution. We also look for the potential existence of hidden undervalued assets in order to maximize their value and minimize your risk moving forward.

Serving creditors, debtors and other parties-in-interest in bankrupt or troubled companies, we bring a comprehensive understanding of the complexities involved in corporate recovery to every client engagement.


  • Bankruptcy: Should your company file for bankruptcy, our team assists with the development and review of organizational plans, analysis of pre- and post-petition operations, liquidation analysis, preparation and review, preference searches, investigations and defenses and assessment of management and company personnel.
  • Financial Advisory Services: Planning with our experienced financial professionals allows you to fully review your position and identify the solutions that fit your objectives. Among the solutions we provide are: financial statement preparation and/or reconstruction, projections and forecasts, review of operation reports and due diligence.
  • Performance Improvement Services: To help you align your company’s financial performance with your strategic goals, we can examine your cost structure. We conduct gross margin/profitability analysis as well to help you develop a strategic plan that enhances the future value of your company.
  • Recovery: To assist in financial recovery, we offer performance management, cash flow analysis, turnaround and restructuring advisory, bankruptcy support, representation of constituents and stakeholders and interim transitional management consulting.
  • Trustee Services: CBIZ’s experienced professionals help ensure the maximum amount of recovery assets are corralled and distributed to claimants.
  • Turnaround & Restructuring Services: During times of financial distress, we address your liquidity concerns, stabilize your core operations, implement cash conservation guidelines and controls, identify and dispose of non-core assets, manage creditor communication and negotiation processes and assist with pre-bankruptcy planning.
  • Valuation: We assist with the valuation of equity, intellectual property and tangible assets. Our professionals also peform fresh start accounting valuation.

Expertise and guidance for resolution

When financial disputes arise, you need an advisor with a strong understanding of accounting principles, industry trends and litigation, arbitration and mediation strategies. At CBIZ, we have the expertise you need to achieve a successful resolution. Our litigation and dispute specialists come from diverse backgrounds in forensic accounting and law and have worked with the full spectrum of clients and cases during our 30-year history.

From premarital assets to civil litigation suits and economic damages, we help clients and their legal teams prepare for, and if possible, avoid trial. Additionally, we provide alternative resolution advising, expert testimony, expert witness, document production and review and analysis of settlement options.

Discover the ways our experts can support you.


  • Family Law: We help address equitable division of property, appropriate levels of support, proper accounting for premarital assets and other issues that arise during divorce proceedings.
  • Litigation Support, Economic Damages & Expert Testimony: CBIZ  has a proven track record in litigation, arbitration and mediation. We offer the full spectrum of commercial and civil litigation support services.

Solutions to help you do what you do best

To maximize your available resources, you need a business advisor who understands your strengths and supports your entire operation. At CBIZ, we offer a multitude of outsourcing services that make it easier for you to focus on your core functions. Our professionals go beyond traditional bookkeeping to provide the accounting, tax and CFO resources to help you stay in compliance with reporting regulations while maintaining the efficiency that you need to be successful in today's competitive marketplace.

As one of the leading providers of accounting and consulting services in the nation, we are experienced in working with a range of companies and situations. Whether you need assistance during a time of staff turnover or seek to outsource your accounting services, we can help. Invite us to the table and see how our services benefit you and your clients.


  • Bookkeeping & Accounting Services: Outsourcing some of your accounting services can help maximize your employee production and ensure consistent financial reporting performance.
  • CFO & Controller Services: We provide your accounting department with the financial leadership you can count on during crucial phases of your business’s life cycle.
  • Tax Outsourcing & Co-Sourcing: Our team assists with an array of tax compliance issues, from state tax reconciliations to personal property returns.

Meeting objectives while managing risk

Business risks abound in today's world. The rise of sophisticated data breaches coupled with the increased demands on organizational leaders make robust risk management policies essential.

Our risk management specialists understand your complex operating environment. We work closely with you to implement comprehensive solutions to address it. CBIZ professionals draw from a depth of experience working with companies on everything from compliance to internal governance. Through best practices honed by our experience, we help strengthen and implement controls and protocols to protect your most valuable information. Should you experience a data breach or other form of fraud, we can help you through any resulting litigation matters. We will also put into place methods to protect against future fraud issues.

The Risk Advisor 

The regulatory environment is constantly changing the way you manage your risk, and through our Risk Advisor newsletter, we bring you up-to-date information about trends and best practices in risk advisory.

The tailored solutions we provide are designed to address your unique risk factors and concerns. Discover how we customize our spectrum of risk management services to protect and support your company.


  • Cost Recovery Services: With the help of our proprietary programs, you can identify, assess and maintain the areas of your business where overcharges and financial leakage may be occurring.
  • Credit Risk Services: CBIZ’s credit risk specialists provide services tailored to your needs, including asset-based lending, asset securitization services, debt and equity transactional due diligence and loan portfolio reviews.
  • Enterprise Risk Management: Our structured and disciplined approach to managing risk helps improve your company’s ability to evaluate and manage the uncertainties it faces.
  • Forensic Accounting: Our experienced professionals help with fraud detection and prevention. Our solutions also look for hidden assets and fraudulent conveyances.
  • Internal Audit: We evaluate your internal controls and suggest ways in which they can be improved or strengthened.
  • Payment Card Industry Compliance: Customers’ credit card information requires security measures that meet industry standards. We evaluate your system to ensure compliance.
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Services Compliance & Consulting: Whether you need help organizing a compliance project, selecting compliance software or providing copyrighted risk and control libraries, we can assist with your Sarbanes-Oxley compliance needs.

Tailored technology solutions

In today’s operating environment, effective use of technology is critical to your bottom line. At CBIZ, we work closely with you to identify the technology solutions and strategies that help improve your company's productivity and profitability. Our information technology professionals understand how IT solutions benefit your industry. We are dedicated to providing quality service that sees you through technology transitions and implementation.

CBIZ technology specialists deliver a range of turnkey solutions from software and hardware options to data security and managed services. We work closely with you to tailor solutions packages from our extensive offerings to meet your unique needs. Through our customized approach to technology, we help you craft a strategy designed to maximize your information technology investments. Discover the ways we work for your success.


  • CIO Support: Our CIO support delivers four pillars of services to help align your information technology investments with your goals and objectives.
  • Service Solutions: The process we have developed to guide you through your technology planning process helps you maximize the value of your technology investment,
  • Technology Services: We work with some of the most trusted providers of accounting software, including: Microsoft Dynamics, Sage Software, Intuit Quickbooks and Ascent.

Expertise with value

Valuations lie at the heart of most major business transactions - from mergers and acquisitions, to financial reporting, tax valuation, and litigation. Complex regulations and valuation methodologies can make determining objective, comprehensive valuations no easy feat. That is where we come in.

CBIZ Valuation professionals provide accurate, independent and timely valuations of tangible and intangible assets. We have a depth of expertise working with the full range of industries and asset types. Our comprehensive services address the gamut of valuation needs you may encounter during the course of the business life cycle, including financial valuation, litigation support, tangible assets appraisals, machinery and equipment valuation, and real estate valuation. We leverage our national resources to ensure you have quality, thorough information you need when you need it.

Our professionals also have deep industry expertise and design services specifically for businesses in such industries as consumer products, energy and power, entertainment, financial services, healthcare, high technology, life sciences, manufacturing, retail, and telecommunications.


  • Financial Valuation: The ability to understand and determine the value of a company, its securities, or its assets is critical in many merger, acquisition, tax planning, financial reporting and litigation situations . 

  • Healthcare Valuation: CBIZ Valuation experts are experienced working with healthcare entities to provide a range of valuation services.  

  • Litigation Support & Expert Testimony Valuation: Companies and counsel rely on us to provide compelling, well-documented valuation and economic damage analyses in litigation proceedings.  

  • Private Equity Valuation: We have a depth of experience providing valuation services to the private equity sector. Our professionals assist with services at various levels, from fund levels to director level services.  

  • Real Estate Valuation: Our real estate valuation practice provides an extensive compilation of relevant information with cultivated and objective judgment on the nature, quality, usage and value of real estate. 

  • Tangible Assets: Our tangible assets practice includes expertise in insurable values, machinery and equipment valuations, property records and revisions, and property valuations.

  • Tax-Related Valuation: We are noted for our engagements spanning a wide spectrum of areas involving taxation at the international, federal, state and local levels.